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Are you looking for a portable solar generator? Then you have just landed on the right page. We at Mobisun want you provide u with freedom and ease of use through high-quality mobile solar energy solutions. All of our products have been specially developed to allow you to experience the feeling of freedom and independence in a comfortable way. With our products we want to provide you with sustainable, lightweight and high-tech solar products.

Charge up anytime, anywhere with our portable solar generators.

We are continuously developing compact, high-output portable solar devices that can be used sustainably in various situations. Mobisun offers you portable energy solutions via high-quality solar cell and battery technology for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, et cetera. As an example, we take the Mobisun Pro: a portable solar panel with battery and 230V outlet. The Mobisun Pro can power almost all types electrical devices up to 250W, such as laptops, sound systems, cooling equipment, camera’s, etc.