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Mobisun particitpates in field test Mysteryland

poratble solar generator Mysteryland stroom

Mobisun belongs to the finalists of an innovation pitch organized by Open House and the Dutch Red Cross last year. The Mobisun solar panels with integrated power outlets can now be tested at festivals and may provide a realistic solution to the problems encountered in disaster relief camps.

Special ‘Camping Guardians’ have powered the festival visitors with the portable solar panels to pump their air beds or charge their phones. Scenarios that also occur in emergency relief camps.


Festival as a trial area

“The portable solar panel is ideal for places where no power is available”, says Peter Klaren, managing director of Mobisun. “It weighs only 6 kilograms and generates the same current that you have in your home. The Mysteryland festival is a perfect testing ground to test our innovation in real life.”

In addition to inflating airbeds and charging mobile phones, the Mobisun portable solar panels were also used to boost the sound system of the camping band and to power up the silent disco.

The solar panels worked well throughout the weekend and could be fully recharged due to sunny weather.

For this additional (foldable) solar panels were used that can be modularly hooked up to Mobisun Pro.

The Mobisun Team at Mysteryland, The Netherlands

The test of the Mobisun Pro mobile solar panels has had a wide interest of the (international) media and has been very successful due to the flawless operation of the solar panels.


Links to the media coverage can be found below.

Mobisun wants to thank Mysteryland, Open House and the Red Cross for making this field test possible.

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