Portable Solar Panel with Battery and 230V Outlet / 250W / 256Wh / 70000mAh | Portable Solar Generator | Mobisun Pro

1.249,00 999,00

Charge up anytime, anywhere with this unique portable battery with solar panel with 230V AC, 12V DC and 5V USB output. Direct solar power from a wall socket and enough power to charge a laptop, cook food and play music through a sound system.

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40000 mAh laptop power bank | Mobisun

249,00 199,00

✔ 40,000 mAh laptop power bank ✔ very high output (up to 94W) ✔ suitable for almost any laptop ✔ very complete ✔ incl. 28 connectors ✔ incl. MagSafe 1 and 2 cables ✔ simultaneously charging laptop and mobile phones ✔ incl. USB- and USB Type-C-output.

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Portable USB solar panel 13W / 5V / 2.1A | Mobisun

129,00 99,00

Portable 13W USB solar panel for directly charging phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

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Lightweight 6.5W USB portable solar panel | Mobisun

89,00 59,00

Lightweight 6.5W USB portable solar panel for directly charging your phone, tablet, camera, etc. This Mobisun 6.5W portable solar panel is ideal to use while traveling or camping. You can now generate your own portable energy anytime, anywhere!

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Waterproof outdoor power bank 20000 mAh

139,00 99,00

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof outdoor power bank with an energy capacity of 20,000 mAh. Ideal for outdoor activity, camping, survival, prepping, etc.

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Universal Laptop Powerbank 120W | Mobisun

349,00 279,00

✔ Universal Laptop Powerbank ✔ Fits all laptops ✔ 230V output (pure sine) ✔ battery capacity 154Wh (lithium-ion) ✔ weighs only 1.8 kg ✔ suitable for all electrical appliances up to 120W ✔ 1 x AC output ✔ 3 x USB output

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Electric Scooter | Mobisun

899,00 699,00

✔ latest generation electric scooter ✔ 3 speeds: 14 km/h, 25 km/h, 40 km/h ✔ range up to 40 km ✔ lightweight and portable ✔ easily foldable

SKU: MBES3678 Category:
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Portable Solar Generator Mains 230V / 500W / 666Wh | Mobisun

1.099,00 849,00

✔ 500W portable generator ✔ power for all electrical devices up to 500W ✔ 230V output (pure sine) ✔ 666Wh ✔ LG battery technology ✔ only 5 kg ✔ charging via mains or solar panels ✔ incl. MC4 charging cable ✔ incl. Car jump start cable ✔ 2 x AC output

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“The great thing about Mobisun is that we can think out of abundance. Solar energy is always present and we are most grateful to use it.”

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“The Mobisun mobile solar panels and generators enable us to develop unique opportunities and use cases for people without power.”

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“With Mobisun we continuously discover new markets for people who strive for sustainability, mobility and personal empowerment.”

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